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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section answers most of the commonly asked questions. If your query is not listed please send us your enquiry and we will try out best to provide an answer for you.

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About Concierge Doctors

What exactly is Concierge Doctors?

We’ve kept a pulse on what people value in their healthcare management and created a new, exclusive approach to what we believe healthcare standards should be. We placed our focus on providing exquisite pro-active attention and knowledgeable self-care without the hassle.

Through our expert team we create an open-minded, approachable way for you to truly connect and build a trustworthy environment with your own medical and wellness staff. We’ll guide you away from the fluorescence lit waiting rooms and inconvenient schedules to provide healthcare in the comfort of your own home.

Our services will cater to you and those who you hold dear with personal attention and benefits ranging from prescriptions delivered at your door, video consultations, wellness plans and professional advice on medical and even cosmetic matters. We are here to wait on those who are ready to invest in their future wellbeing. We are here for you.

About Telehealth

Is Telehealth as effective as face-to-face consultations?

Research has shown that Telehealth can be just as good as in person consultations.
Telehealth reduces the time and cost associated with travelling that you would normally need for a face-to-face consult.

Being accessible in the privacy and comfort of your own home or when you’re on the go, means that it’s also easier to manage your ongoing care with more frequent checkins.

Telehealth isn’t for every situation – for any emergencies it is still recommended to call 000 or visit your nearest emergency room.

How are Privacy and Confidentiality Maintained?

All video calls are secured with end-to-end encryption and meet the same strict privacy and security standards as other Cliniko features. Your records are also safe, your patient data is stored to meet the data protection regulations of Australian Privacy Principles

What do I need for Telehealth?

Do I need a Medicare Card?

An IHI is required to utilise our prescription services either for collection at your local pharmacy or when having your prescription delivered to your door. You will automatically have an IHI if you have a Medicare card which we can locate for you from your Medicare card details.

What if I don’t have a Medicare Card?

You can still obtain an IHI so that you may use our prescription services.
Please click here to find out more on obtaining an IHI

What IT requirements do I need?

Our video consultations links are sent out via text and email to you. Any browser and smart device can run our video link with no additional service required for download.
You may request a phone call for your consultation instead. However, services may be limited if our practitioners are unable to see you via video chat.

Can I use Concierge Doctors if I am overseas?

No. Only patients currently located in Australia are able to access our services.

Can I use Concierge Doctors if I'm an International Tourist?

Yes. You can still use our services as long as you are in Australia at the time of your consultation. You will need to obtain an IHI so that you may use our prescription services.
Please click here to find out more on obtaining an IHI

About Electronic Prescriptions

How do Electronic Prescriptions work?

There have been some new updates to how your prescriptions are processed to ensure transmission of your prescriptions are now faster and more secure.

Your electronic prescription is attached to your IHI (Individual Healthcare Identifier). You will already have an IHI if you have a Medicare Card. By providing your Medicare Card details to Concierge Doctors, we will be able to locate your IHI instantly.

To simplify things:

  1. An electronic prescription is generated by one of our doctors using your IHI and instantly uploaded to the eRx Script Exhange.
  2. Pickup or Delivered Prescriptions
    -For a Pickup Prescription, you will be provided a token either via email or SMS to take into the pharmacy of your choice.
    -For Delivered Prescriptions, we will send your token to our preferred pharmacy to organise delivery.
  3. The pharmacy will enter this encrypted token into their dispensing software to obtain your prescription for dispensing.

Are Electronic Prescriptions more secure?

Only Concierge Doctors and the pharmacist can see your information. Nobody else, including the government, or any other third party can see your information. All patient and script information is locked with three levels of encryption before it leaves the doctor’s computer and can only be opened when it arrives at the pharmacy using an authorised Prescription Dispensing System.

Is a Real Doctor Writing my Prescription?

Yes. Only our prescribing doctors have access to generate prescriptions for our patients. You may request through our wellness team a repeat or a specific item. However, it will be our doctors that review your enquiry and will prescribe at their discretion.

Am I guaranteed to receive a Prescription?

No. There is no guarantee that you may receive a prescription for any items. If a doctor is unable to prescribe for you they will let you know. Generally our doctors are always able to find a solution for our patients, this does not always include a prescription.

Can I get Repeats on my Prescriptions?

Yes. Our Doctors are able to issue repeats at their discretion. Prescription Repeats are $39.

About Our Consultations

What if I'm running late?

Your Practitioner will send you a reminder after a few minutes into your consultation and then will call the number you provided if you are still not present after 5 minutes. If your Practitioner does not have patients after your consult, they may still be able to complete the consultation. We may need to reschedule you for another time.

This may require payment for an additional consultation at the direction of the Practitioner.

What if the Doctor is running late?

We aim to wait on you but emergencies do happen – please allow 10 minutes for your practitioner to arrive after the start time of your consultation and we will try our best to notify you of any delays.

What if I no longer need the consult?

We are unable to offer refunds for paid consultations.
Please contact us via Phone or Text to reschedule your appointment.

About Our Services

Can I obtain a Referral Letter or Medical Certificate?

Yes. Our Doctors are able to issue these if required.
Please request during your consultation.

Can I obtain Pathology or Imaging?

Yes. Our Doctors are able to issue these if required.
Only available for Medium Consultations $179 as this will include your complementary follow up to discuss your results.

Can I book a Face-to Face Appointment?

Yes. We do have Physical Clinics currently in Sydney, Canberra, and QLD.
Please call us to find out more information.

About Our Pricing

How much do the Services Cost?

  • Short Doctor Consults $129.
  • Medium Doctor Consults $179
  • Initial Wellness Team Consult $129.
  • No additional cost for further Wellness Team consults.
  • Prescription Repeat $39
  • Cost of delivered prescription items will be provided if approved by your consulting doctor.
  • Cost of pickup prescription items will be provided at time of collection from your local pharmacy.

Is there a Medicare Rebate?

Concierge Doctors services are privately offered and are not eligible for Medicare rebates.

About Our Doctors

Are your Doctors Registered in Australia?

Yes. Our Doctors are registered in Australia.

About Our Wellness Team

What is the Wellness Team?

The Wellness Team is compromised of our Fantastic Wellness Consultants and Nurses who are here to help you.
During your initial Video Call, our Wellness Concierge will help you establish your goals and match you with a specialist from our Wellness Team. Your Wellness Specialist will then work with you to create a treatment plan to help you achieve these goals.

About Our Patient Portal

What can I do in the Patient Portal?

From our Patient Portal you can:

  • Complete your Medical Profile
  • Schedule Appointments
  • View Product Orders
  • View Product Information

What happens if I can't Log in?

If you’re having trouble logging in or are not able to access pages within the Portal we can definitely help you out. Give us a call or text or email us at wellness@conciergedoctors.com.au